General Information


  • All mandatory goods must be carried during the race. Competitors who didn’t take their goods at start point or started the race lack of goods, or left their goods (such as batons) shall be disqualified.
  • By-passing the route during the race shall cause to be disqualified.
  • Competitors can take support at supply points specified by the organization, any other supports shall cause the racer be disqualified.
  • Racers shall not drop litter during the race. Racers cannot leave the check points with plastic bottles. Dropping litter shall cause disqualifying.
  • Shirt number shall be visible on chest. Racers whose shirt numbers are not visible cannot pass check points. (Until placing the number correctly, racer shall not be accepted in check point.)
  • Should staff considering the racer is not in appropriate condition to proceed the race, the racer shall be disqualified.
  • In group race, the first 3 runners shall be taken into consideration among the group. All groups shall go up to the rostrum.
  • As all race tracks are pathways, racers are recommended to use sports shoes suitable for pathway.
  • A racer who register for 100 Miles race should complete a race of at least 80K within 2017.
  • Racers should have sports wear during the race.
  • The racers of 100 miles race will be followed by GPS live tracking system.
  • Pamukkale Ultra Marathon will be ranked with Racetimekeeper chip system.
  • 100 Miles race is limited with 50 racers.
  • There shall be no registry on race date.
  • After the last date of registry, any racer who wants to change the track shall be unclassified.


4th of May 2018

11:00 – 22:00 Race Kit Hand-Out Hours
13:00 – 22:00 Marathon Fair Hours (Pamukkale Travertines Location)
18:30 Technical Meeting
19:00 – 21:00 Pasta Party
20:00 Pamukkale Ultra 100 MIL START

5th of May 2018

05:00 – 05:30 Late Kit Hand-Out – in Marathon Fair
05:30 Pamukkale Ultra 100K-60K START
06:00 Pamukkale Ultra 30 -15K  START
09:00 Pamukkale Ultra 15 K Race Time Ending
12:00 Pamukkale Ultra 30 K Race Time Ending
17:30 Pamukkale Ultra 60 K Race Time Ending

6th of May 2018

05:30 Pamukkale Ultra 100K Race Time Ending
08:00 – 14:00 Marathon Fair Visiting Hours
12:00 Pamukkale Ultra 100 MIL Race Time Ending
12:00 Award Ceremony
14:00 Closure


  • Rostrums for Man/Woman General Class of 100 Miles, 100K, 60K, 30K, 15K
  • Rostrums for Man/Woman Age Categories 18-34, +35, +40, +45, +50, +55 of 100 Miles, 100K, 60K, 30K, 15K
  • Rostrum for the Groups of 60K, 30K, 15K
  • The racers going up to the rostrum within general class and age class will be awarded with special trophies.
  • The racers going up to the rostrum within general class will not be included the rank of age classes.
  • There is no monetary award for the race. There may be sponsor awards.

Registration Fees

Track before 31.12.2017 before 01.03.2018 before 05.05.2018
15K 80 TL 100 TL 130 TL
30K 100 TL 120 TL 150 TL
60K 130 TL 150 TL 180 TL
100K 200 TL 220 TL 250 TL
100 MIL 230 TL 250 TL 280 TL
Reimbursement Terms for Cancelling Registry
In case of abandoning the race for any reason, below reimbursement terms are applied:
If cancelling before 90 days to start date, 50% of registry fee shall be reimbursed.
If cancelling between 90 – 60 days to start date, 30% of registry fee shall be reimbursed.
In case of cancelling less than 60 days before start date, registry fee shall not be reimbursed.
*Note: Reimbursement shall be made to bank account of racer requested reimbursement by Adrenalin Organizasyon within 7 days after date of organization.
Race Registry Amendment Terms
Race registry or shirt number are cannot be transferred.
It is possible to change the prepaid track registry to another track. For this, just send your request to info@pamukkale.com e-mail address. After the change the final track will be charged.
The prepaid track registry cannot be changed after 1st of May, 2018.

Mandatory Materials

Material / Track 100 MILES 100K 60K 30K 15K
Mobile Phone (fully charged)
Identification Card (Driver License, Identity Card)
Min. 20cl mug or glass  
Water can (min. 1lt)  
Water can (min. 500ml)        
Flashlight and spare batteries  
Emergency blanket (150cm x 200cm)
Elastic band for bandage (min 100cm x 6cm)
Waterproof raincoat  
A long sleeved, warm interlayer    
Hat or bandana
Sun Cream  
Backpack/belt pack to carry the goods
Food (enough for 12 hours)        
Food (enough for 6 hours)    
Reflective Waistcoat or Cloth (in accordance with EN471 or 1150 standards)

Yarışdaki Gruplar



Bursa Zi Zi Ziraat Koşu Grubu


Ege Maratonu


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Parkur Bilgileri

Mesafe: 15 KM
Koşu başlama tarihi ve saati: 05 Mayıs 2018 Cumartesi, Saat: 06:00
Katılımcı sayısı: 300
Koşu başlangıç noktası: Pamukkale Denizli
Koşu bitiş noktası: Pamukkale Denizli
Toplam irtifa kazanımı: 540 m
Süre: 3 saat


Parkur Bilgileri

Mesafe: 30 KM
Koşu başlama tarihi ve saati: 05 Mayıs 2018 Cumartesi, Saat: 06:00
Katılımcı sayısı: 300
Koşu başlangıç noktası: Pamukkale Denizli
Koşu bitiş noktası: Pamukkale Denizli
Toplam irtifa kazanımı: 1240 m
Süre: 6 saat


Parkur Bilgileri

Mesafe: 60 KM
Koşu başlama tarihi ve saati: 05 Mayıs 2018 Cumartesi, Saat: 05:30
Katılımcı sayısı: 300
Koşu başlangıç noktası: Pamukkale Denizli
Koşu bitiş noktası: Pamukkale Denizli
Toplam irtifa kazanımı: 2457 m
Süre: 12 saat

Data Bank

Historical Places



In ancient city of Hierapolis, there are ruins of Necropolis, Domitian route and gate, Temple of Oktokonus built on a square area, theatre, Frontinus road and gate, Agora, North Byzantine Gate, South Byzantine Gate, Gymnasium, the Fountain of Triton building, Apollo Bema, Water Channels and Nymphaeum, Philippos Martynon and bridge, Pole Church, Necropolis Area, Cathedral and Roman Bath. Pamukkale underground waters (travertines), which is also used for healing, has always attracted tourists during the history (https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hierapolis)



Due to the proximity of Greater Menderes river, it is also knows as Tripolis Maeandrum. According to Plinius, the city is also known as Apollonia (Apollonia ad Maeandrum). Most of the ruins those reached today are from Roman Age between 1st and 3rd centuries A.D. The region is close to active faults, resulting it has lost it significance due to frequent earthquakes in time. As Tripolis being listed in Lydia patriarch list attended to Council of Nicaea (Iznik) in 325 A.D., it is considered as a city at patriarch level (https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tripolis_(Türkiye)





The ancient city of Laodicea was founded on south side of Lycus river, a highly beneficial geographical location which is 6 km north of Denizli. The name od the city is mentioned as “Laodicea on the Lycus” in ancient findings. According to other ancient findings, the city was founded by Antiokhos II. and it was named with the Antiokhos’ wife’s name; Laodicea. (https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laodikeia)



The city, which is found in 5th century B.C., has developed during the age of Roman Empire, has become an important art center between 1st century B.C. and 5th century A.D. especially with its sculpture and got famous due to Temple of Aphrodite and ceremonies in the name of Aphrodite (https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afrodisias)


Photo Gallery

Start Area


  • With THY and Pegasus, there are 5 mutual flights a day between Denizli and Istanbul. Also the Organization is in contact with THY and Pegasus Airlines for extra flights.
  • There are also express trains to Denizli from Istanbul, Ankara and Eskisehir. In addition, it is possible to take buses from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmır to Denizli via various companies such as Pamukkale Turizm, Metro Turizm, Kamil Koç etc.
  • Ultra marathon racers will arrive Denizli between 03/05/2018 and 07/05/2018 by plane, bus or train.


There are 46 hotels in various sizes in Pamukkale. Toplam 3213 oda ve 9000 yatak kapasitesi sahip Pamukkale waits for you between 11-15th May, 2018 with 3213 rooms and 9000 beds amount. Primary hotels will be announced on our Web site, Facebook page and Instagram account with benefits.

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